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Koran Supreme

Born in Brooklyn, NY and growing up in the 90s, Koran was often exposed to the golden era of hip-hop with many talented artists that he looked up to. As he got older he started to realize that this talent quickly diminished and a new genre of music with little to no positive messages surfaced, and not just in his area but all around the world. He hated it. He had a deep nostalgia to the music he once grew up with. Koran used to always perform in front of his bedroom mirror with a remote control and free styled over Old Dirty Bastard beats and the underground rugged beats that his father used to produce. When he turned 13 he harnessed that rugged nature into a story of life and what he saw nowadays. The journey has not been easy, especially since people around his age are influenced into the negative music, but he would like to share some truths and positives in his life, that he is sure many of us can relate to, and what we hope to become one day: Successful. KORAN SUPREME has recently been performing City wide , he has performed for the CITY GYM BOYS FASHION SHOW hosted by HOT 97 K. FOXX at Club Slate. Performed at Club Brooklyn Nights hosted by Drop On Top Entertainment, and he has recently opened up for YMCMB CORY GUNZ at Club Rebel. SUPREME has also teamed up with the Independent Label and Management Firm ACES NATION run by Mario King Lyte where he continues to grow and develop his talent.
Street Love - Koran Supreme (Produced By 9th Wonder) 2012 Radio Dreams - Koran Supreme (Produced By 9th Wonder) 2012 Walks Of Life - Koran Supreme (Produced By 9th Wonder) 2012 Sound Of The Night - Koran Supreme  2012
Koran Supreme NYIT PERFORMANCE City Gym Boys Performance Koran Supreme Opening For YMCMB CORY GUNZ Koran Supreme Freestyle In The Denali
PBS NEWSROOM "For me, rap is a culture that is used in order to shed light on many issues and problems that affect urban communities. As a conscious rapper, some of the stories I write do not personally reflect myself, but do affect the lives of others around me."- PBS NEWSROOM Yahoo! Aces Nation LLC, An Interactive Multimedia Entertainment Company Debuting Its Services And Artists - Yahoo! Strawberry Blunt "Born and raised in Brooklyn, repping his team Aces Nation, he harnesses the old soul of real hip hop and aims to stay true to the game." 17 September 2012 "Strawberry Blunt"
For Bookings Contact Mario "King" Lyte : Email: Phone: 516-698-6377

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